No IT Department? No Help Desk? No problem!

Get Connected and Stay Connected

     Let's face it. You need a reliable Network that optimizes productivity and minimizes costs. Since 1997 Accutek has offered Networking solutions that provide efficiency and security to businesses of all sizes. Our certified Accutek technicians and engineers oversee your Network, allowing you to focus on running your day-to-day operations.


Leave the IT Details to Us

     In these economic times, employing a full-time IT specialist can be a financial hardship. Yet the risks of operating without technical support can cause service disruptions, downtime and the wrong technology investments. Accutek has developed a proactive Network management plan to give businesses the expertise, maintenance, monitoring, security, and technological oversight they need . . . at a price they can afford.

Customizing an Efficient Network

     The Accutek team assesses your existing system or, for new systems, defines and designs an efficient Network. We provide an implementation schedule and budget. Knowing what is needed, why, the associated cost and estimated timeframe empowers your business in an IT-driven world. 

     Accutek ensures your Network is calibrated for seamless upgrades and software/hardware integration. Connecting hardware, software and personnel is the best way to ensure productivity and success for your business. 

     Our Networking specialists build and maintain small, medium and large corporate Networks and Intranets for flawless performance. Our team lays out structured cabling and installs firewalls, modems for Internet access, routers, hubs and switches. We offer monthly maintenance for peace of mind and minimal downtime, allowing your business to function optimally.

24/7 Service

     Our Network Operations Center (NOC) provides 24x7 visibility with remote monitoring and management capability. Our technicians and engineers monitor your Networks around the clock. You benefit by knowing your systems are secure overnight, on weekends and on holidays. We also make on-site visits and are always available by phone. You can count on Accutek for the highest quality service and support. All these and other services (Programming, Cabling, and Maintenance) are delivered by our team to provide the solutions you want when you need them. 

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