Accutek: Your "One Stop Shop"

     A structured cabling system is an integral piece of any well designed Network. Accutek designs and builds flexible cabling infrastructure for businesses of all sizes. Rest assured that your structured cabling system will support multiple voice, data, video and multimedia systems regardless of the manufacturer.

Eliminate the Guess Work

     Many times the decision to hire a cable contractor is left to a General Contractor who may instruct an electrician to pull all the wires. Yet, does the General Contractor or electrician fully comprehend the intricacies of complex Networks? When it comes to your operating systems, it's best to rely on certified IT technicians and engineers. Accutek provides the planning and oversight you deserve in an IT driven world.

Evaluate, Design and Install

     It makes good business sense to have Accutek help you evaluate, design and install a customized integrated system. We take pride in the quality of our work as well as our team certified technicians and engineers. We are experts at designing and implementing Networks ranging from a small office to a large building complex with hundreds of connections.

Free Site Survey

     Accutek will perform a free site survey and provide an analysis and estimate of your cabling requirements along with computer rack design. Upon acceptance, we act as your contractor on the project and install a reliable and cost effective solution with the latest in copper and fiber cabling.

Copper Infrastructure Cabling Solutions

     We provide verified cabling solutions which ensure superior performance and reliability for your copper infrastructure requirements. Our Cat 5 (Cat 5e) or Cat 6 solutions exceed TIA Cat 5e standards.

Fiber Optic Cabling Solutions

     Our conventional fibre (fiber) cabling solutions compliment the deployment of optical solutions deep into the network, delivering an infrastructure that will function dependably now and in the future.

Certified Designers, Technicians and Engineers

     Our team includes full-time BICSI Registered Communication Distribution Designers (RCDDs) to assist and optimize your company network design. Accutek installs and certifies cables per ANSI / TIA / EIA standards to ensure consistent performance for installed cables across all your locations. We can source, install, uninstall and maintain: